Central Spryfield Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Gilfoy, Dan Principal 902-479-4286 dgilfoy@hrce.ca
Jupp, Oliver Vice Principal 902-479-4286 OJupp@hrce.ca
Hennigar, Lisa Administrative Assistant 902-479-4286 lhennigar@hrce.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Campbell, David Music DCampbell@hrce.ca Website
Conrod, Kim Pre-Primary (Lead Instructor) kim.conrod@hrce.ca
Fitzpatrick, Kelsey 50% Grade 1 50% Reading Recovery Kelsey.Fitzpatrick@hrce.ca
Froude, Ryan Violin Teacher Ryan.Froude@hrce.ca
Gallagher, Ryan Grade 4/5 GallagherR@hrce.ca
Jackson-Rutledge, Jillian Grade 2/3 jjackson-rutledge@hrce.ca
Jones, Courtney Grade Primary cjones@hrce.ca
Kallada, Geetha Resource gkallada@hrce.ca
Kehoe, David Grade 5/6 DKehoe@hrce.ca
Longaphy, Catherine Learning Centre CLongaphy@hrce.ca
MacDonald, Gretchen French 50% Gretchen.MacDonald@hrce.ca
MacKay, Brenda School Speech Language Pathologist MackayB@hrce.ca Website
McNeil, Megan Grade Primary Megan.McNeil@hrce.ca
Monahan, Corinne 20% Music CMonahan@hrce.ca
Murphy, Conor 50 % Grade 1P 50% Grade 1F Conor.Murphy@hrce.ca
Pitcher, Stephanie Grade 2 - 80% SPitcher@hrce.ca
Poole, Tracey 50% Grade 1 & 50% Early Literacy TPoole@hrce.ca
Shillington, Kellie 50% Phys. Ed. shillingtonkl@gnspes.ca
Wells, Patrick Grade 6 Patrick.Wells@hrce.ca
Welsh, Christine Grade 3/4 cwelsh@hrce.ca Website
Welton, Tanya Pre-Primary (Lead Instructor) TWelton@hrce.ca
Wilson, Erica Learning Center erica.wilson@hrce.ca
Zakhour, Jacqueline EAL jzakhour@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Archibald, Mick Educational Program Assistant MArchibald@hrce.ca
Barrett, Alicia Schools Plus Assistant Lead alicia.barrett@hrce.ca
Brady, Kayla Educational Program Assistant KBrady@hrce.ca
Brown, Steven African Nova Scotia Student Support Worker Steven.brown@hrce.ca
Dempsey, Lana Educational Program Assistant LDempsey@hrce.ca
Goodsell, Larry Educational Program Assistant LGoodsell@hrce.ca
Hollett, Meaghan School Pyschologist MHollett@hrce.ca
Hudson-Ash, Marsha School Social Worker 902-237-3139 mhudson-ash@hrce.ca
Izzard, Shaylene Child and Youth Practitioner SIzzard@hrce.ca
Julian, Laura Educational Program Assistant LJulian@hrce.ca
MacDonald, Susan Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker 902-229-0031 macdonald.susan@hrce.ca
McGrath, Lysa Student Attendance Support Worker McGrathL@hrce.ca
Moore, Angela Educational Program Assistant angela.moore@hrce.ca
Myers-Stuart, Kimberly Guidance 40% kmyers-stuart@hrce.ca Website
Nickel, Alison Librarian ANickel@hrce.ca Website
Pippy, Joanne Educational Program Assistant JPippy@hrce.ca
Power-Goodsell, Ronda Educational Program Assistant RPower-Goodsell@hrce.ca
Ryan, Katie Educational Program Assistant Katie.Ryan@hrce.ca