Central Spryfield Elementary

Caring and Sharing at Central Spryfield Elementary

Spryfield – Three elementary school children turned a profitable find into a generous donation on Friday, April 12 after finding a $100 bill on their school playground at Central Spryfield Elementary. While learning about the environment and participating in an outdoor clean-up, grade one student, Samuel Agbola, and his grade five partners, Andreea Cercel and Brayden Painting, were excited to find the large amount of money buried in leaves and trash. The three students brought their find to the school office just in case the owner was looking for their lost treasure.  After waiting a week, the money remained unclaimed. School Administration rewarded each student $10 for turning in such a large amount of money, and the three students voted to donate the remaining $70 to the IWK. The Central Spryfield Elementary School family is very proud of Samuel, Andreea, and Brayden!!